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Ways to Help

There are many ways to help..check it out! If you think of other ways, let us know. 


Obviously a great way to help! Go here for more information about donating and receiving some promo codes as a thank you.  On that page you can donate to us through Alertpay and we'll forward it on or you can donate directly on the campaign page using your credit card at charity:water's site. They also take checks! 

Promo Codes

If you run a site, such as a text ad exchange, traffic exchange, safelist, PTC, PTR or any kind of site and want to offer some kind of goodie, let us know. We'll put it up on our promo code page. This makes donating more attractive to people and it might get you some sign-ups or visitors as well. 

Content Generation and the News 

Sometimes somebody will say - you should really add XYZ section to your site. Cool, we love that. So do that. We consider that help. It's also helpful when you tell us when other people are blogging about charity:water or water issues in general or writing or news stories about that kind of stuff. We are obviously interested in that information and am happy to post that in various places on the site. So send in the content suggestions, blog, articles and whatnot! 

 Charity Exchange

This is a new thing - we list the charity you are passionate about in exchange for you  linking to us. It's like a reciprocal exchange. However - we'll list a YouTube video of you talking about it - why you're passionate about your charity, or a poem you've written about it or a blog post sharing your personal story about it if you choose to help get people really interested and connected with your charity. We want it to be a real valuable sharing of your charity in the hopes that others will engage with it! Check it out.

 Multimedia and Graphic Design and Splash Pages

We would love to have some people make some cool graphics to help promote the site. We have the thank you banner on the Promo Code page if you donate and the PowerPuff girls banner to help get people to come check out the site at the bottom of the Promo Code page. We'd love to have some other banners of various sizes to promote the site and some YouTube videos or slide shows or other graphic/multimedia whatnots. We could also do with a splash page or 3...So if that's your thing...submit it, odds are we'll use it and thank you and give you HUGE props on here and dedicate a giant page to you. 

Idea Generation

Got a great idea? A good idea? A horrible idea? Let us know. Whether it is something you think we should be doing differently on the site or with the campaign or something we should add or something you want to do or.....whatever! We want to hear from you. 

Amazon Store and Search

This is our Amazon Water Store - we periodically add new items to this, if there is something you want to see here, let us know. If you buy something from here, the money we make will go to charity:water. 

Below is Amazon Search - if you buy from here same thing applies - money to charity:water! 


If you have a blog - write about blog. Who cares that blog action day is over?  The theme this year, in case you didn't know, was water! If you write about water  - let us know and we will feature you on the site. Actually, our secret hope (not so secret now that we are telling you) is that a lot of you will blog) and we'll have to make a super cool page talking about all your blogs with neat little descriptions of them or you or both. 


This could be anything from Tweeting about our site to putting it out there on Digg or Facebook or Ning or mentioning it on your podcast. It could be adding it to your rotator while your surfing your traffic exchanges. It could be putting up our banner somewhere. But spreading the word. We appreciate it. 

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